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Friday, March 16, 2007



To the right, is the 2002 letterhead acknowledging contributors to, and investors in, the education of our youth during United Nations Day celebrations in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

On the left side of the letterhead is listed members of the Board of Directors for the UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATION OF NORTHEASTERN PENNSYLVANIA.

If you live in the Scranton area, you will readily recognize the influence that this global "non-profit" organization has had on our local socio-economic policies as their members tirelessly strive to organize and implement "foreign policy" to build "public support for constructive U.S. leadership in a more effective United Nations".

The names highlighted in the 'pinkish' color are people who were/are in positions of public trust.

Notice that in 2002 Lackawanna County Commissioner, Michael Washo, is listed as the "President" of "The United Nations association of the USA (UNA-USA), a non-partisan, non-profit education association, (that) is the nation's largest foreign policy organization, building public support for constructive U.S. leadership in a more effective United Nations." (See bottom of letterhead.)

Upon the death of William P. Rinaldi, Clerk of Judicial Records, Lackawanna County, his wife, Mary Ferrario Rinaldi, Federation of Democratic Women, assumed his position as Clerk of Judicial Records.

Further down the list, along with high ranking members of the clergy and local educators, you will see both the current and former Representatives for Congressional District 10; Democrat, Chris Carney, and Republican, Don Sherwood; Democrat
Jim Wansacz, State Representative for the 114th Legislative District, and past and present Mayors of Scranton.

Maybe it's time to take another look at "9-11" and what our concerned founders had to say about "divers ill disposed persons" who would attempt to "erect any new government within this commonwealth". Perhaps even consider what Form of government has the United States.

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