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Saturday, May 02, 2009



To the left is a copy of an "ORDER" (06-SA-64, . . . ) that appears to be crafted directly from Chapter 9 of Ashley S. Lipson's training manual for attorneys, Guerrilla Discovery. (For the definition of Guerrilla, click here.) The order was imposed by Lackawanna County (PA) Court of Common Pleas Judge, Barrasse inconsistent with the Court of Common Pleas Local Rules 128 and 130, and without showing "good cause" with regard to its "relevance" to the "controversy" before him.
It is apparent that Judge Barrasse had not considered section 9.54 of Lipson's manual wherein it lists 16 grounds for "Objecting to the Examination" and includes Justice Douglas' landmark decision in Schlagenhauf v. Holder, i.e.; "And a doctor for a fee can easily discover something wrong with any patient . . . ".

Rather than simply stating the validity of the remaining six (6) charges that were predicated on the primary charges previously acquitted by Judge Geroulo on August 31, 2006 (see "ORDER" 06 S 64 to the right), Judge Barrasse had me imprisoned for four (4) days in the Lackawanna County Prison and on 7/8/2008 Judge Barrasse waived the fines and costs that was always within his power to waive, and on 1/13/2009, in a stealth move, simply swept the whole matter "under the rug" by falsifying the records with a "Penalty Satisfied" so that the casual observer would presume that I had participated in his decision. (See Trezevant v. City of Tampa 741 F.2d 336.)

Like Judges Sean McGraw and Vito Geroulo, Judge Barrasse (again) ignored both lawful and legal basic rules of procedure to examine the substantive evidence presented and require statutory claim to the contrary. By way of a Petition for Review I ask(ed) only that the court render right ruling consistent with the Oath of Office that they and their predecessors had taken. Offset of each charge is - and has been - conditioned upon substantive statutory proof of the validity of each of the instant claims.

It is becoming increasingly evident that the United States' and its governments have become occupied by a power foreign to the American People. Absent any proof to the contrary, I have come to believe that members of the Democrat and Republican parties are duty bound to legislate 13th Amendment 'voluntary servitude' on behalf of the owners of the Federal Reserve. The laws that they make are promulgated to 'duly convict of crime' any American who chooses not to volunteer their property and labor into the jurisdiction of this oligarchy of plutocrats.

So I ask:

1. Because a duly authorized Title 4 U.S.C., Section 1, 2, 3 American Flag - the flag to which I pledged my allegiance - was captured and not returned by City of Wilkes-Barre (PA) police on February 24, 2005 and City of Carbondale police on February 1, 2006; Are municipal police officers violating their oaths of office when they willfully collude with the seditious guerrilla activities of a belligerent occupying power? Or, Are municipal officers/agents "in fact" the willing hirelings of a belligerent occupying power? Is the prison system in the U.S. essentially a gulag?

2. Because each and every Federal Reserve note is 'debt based' and conditional upon the 'good faith and credit of the American People' (including me); How can any American be compelled to pay an alleged "debt" with a Federal Reserve created 'debt instrument' to which they, the American People, themselves are the Creditor, i.e., the "holder in due course"? Have judges acquiesced to legislated doublespeak (and peer pressure) that was designed to entrap American men and women into statutory "peonage" in which, if they do not comply voluntarily, they can be held "in contempt of court" and condemned to debtors prison?

3. Is there no judge or legislator who will 'stand in the gap' on behalf of an American who, as a matter of conscious, refuses to acquiesce his or her property and/or labor to a foreign power? Or, have all become puppets of a belligerent occupying power?
See U.S. Army's Field Manual 27-10, The Law of Land Warfare
4. And, finally, shouldn't judges and legislators, who have been elected to preserve and defend the unalienable economic and property Rights of the people they were elected to serve, care that the Clerk of the Courts for Lackawanna County is not even in Pennsylvania? That the Clerk of the Courts for Lackawanna County is located in New York; a jurisdiction foreign to Pennsylvania.

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